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Police: 'Beware of phishing calls'

Residents in Coolbaugh, Tobyhanna and Tunkhannock townships and Mount Pocono Borough have reported receiving phishing calls, said Pocono Mountain Regional Police.


“Phishing” refers to someone contacting a resident via phone, requesting credit card and/or bank account information and asking the resident to send money for any of various reasons.

Police said residents have reported three types of phishing calls.

The first type involves a caller claiming to be a relative in trouble and requesting money for bail, legal fees or transportation. The second involves a caller claiming to be a public utility company, telling the resident their account is past due and threatening to terminate service.

The third involves a caller identifying the resident by name, telling them they have won money in some form of lottery.


Police advise residents who’ve gotten such calls to protect themselves by not releasing any personal financial information and contacting their relatives and utility companies to verify if there are any problems. Residents can also report such calls to the Federal Trade Commission and Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office’s Bureau of Consumer Protection at 800-441-2555.


Source: Abney and Associates News